Soul of a Gentleman

Welcome to the Soul of a Gentleman

The Soul of a Gentleman is a man that doesn’t want his beloved to lose her soul to matter to him.

In fact, he moves toward her soul and shares his with hers so he may feel everything that is valuable and meaningful to her and partake in that.

His confidence and strength in manhood allow him the ability to do this and keep his core character and soul intact.

He understands that to be a true gentle-man means to stay gentle and kind to a woman, even if the relationship is severing or under fire, because he understands that is where his true test of his gentleman qualities exist.

Not just when it’s easy, convenient, or serves him well by courtship, but when it’s most difficult.

This is the soul of a gentleman.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Soul of a Gentleman”

  1. This site will capture the attention and imagination of men and women throughout the world .

    May God Continue to give you strength courage and creativity to complete your mission

  2. I love this “ Soul of a Gentleman”
    As I get older it becomes so much more important to me.
    Thanks for reminding me what my parents always tried to Instill in me.
    ……BTW GUYS….. Women think they like
    “Bad Boy” …. Until they meet a true gentleman

    1. Thank you! I believe in Gentleman and I agree at one time I myself was too emotionally immature to appreciate a gentleman and I went for the men that liked being the center of attention. Finally at my age I have learned and I am working to pass down what I know now to my daughters and son. True Gentleman make our world such a beautiful and safe place to love, live and be ourselves. Thank you Jeff for being a true gentleman, we all appreciate you! Sending you my best!

  3. Tina,

    I’ve never felt compelled to respond to a blog/website before, until now.

    When I was younger, I was the guy you were referring to in regards to being the center of attention. I defined myself by who I was hanging out with, what I was wearing, what I drove etc.

    As I got older, my wife, sons and profession have taught me to be a servant leader instead of the self serving person I was in my 20’s. Things that cause you to live life for others is not a distraction but rather a life enhancement. It’s a tough lesson at times but an invaluable one non the less. We are all works in progress and I strive to be a better version of myself daily.

    It’s amazing what you are doing in your life and appreciate you including the gentleman in your dialogue.

    I wish you well in all of your endeavors.

    “Soul” long for now……..

    1. Mike
      I cannot thank you enough for your courage to be vulnerable with all of us! I appreciate and admire that so much. And thank you for being an example for younger and older men. We are always growing, Amen to that! Love your humble spirit. There is much to learn just by your words here!!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and humility! That’s a true man of strength and honor!
      God Bless you and your family!! And hope to hear from you again!!

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