Soul Gifts

Every lady I know loves to receive gifts. They don’t complain about receiving chocolates, wine, pampering products, date nights or candles from their special guy or best friend.

But have you ever thought about the gifts you give yourself? You can give soul gifts that assist you in becoming an amazing, strong, resilient and attractive woman. Let’s talk about several soul gifts you will want to give yourself!

1. Accentuate Your Strengths

Do you have a list of all the things you do well? It’s time you started focusing more on your talents, skills and personality traits. Be thankful for all the strengths that make you unique and set you apart from the crowd, and work those things, girl!

2. Accept Weaknesses

Every woman I know has a tendency to focus on what she doesn’t do well. Instead, acknowledge the areas in which you need improvement and move on. Start dwelling mentally on everything you do right, and you’ll start making less mistakes and being more empowered, strong and resilient.

3. Grace

Compassion, understanding, politeness and poise are several gracious characteristics you can cultivate. They attract people and help you make and keep friends, so make grace a gift you give to yourself and to others.

4. Forgiveness

Do you have a mental list of all the people who have hurt you? That list and those people keep you in bondage. It’s time to release these people and practice forgiveness. The freedom you feel is amazing and will transform your attitude, actions and life!

5. Love Learning

Think about the last time you learned a new fact or concept. Was it today, last week, last year? Whether you learn new things about the world around you or yourself, invest in knowledge. It opens your mind to new ideas and helps you think outside the box.

6. Creativity

You don’t have to be an artist to exercise creativity. Coming up with a new advertising proposal for clients or thinking of ways to entertain your toddlers are two of dozens of ways to exercise creativity. How can you incorporate creativity into your daily life?

7. Perspective

Are you a “glass half full” or “glass half empty” kind of gal? Your perspective can make the difference between your success and failure. Choose to see the positive in life and embrace a perspective that boosts your confidence and success.

8. Bravery

Adversity, problems and challenges are part of life. You can face them head-on or hide with your head under the covers. Choose bravery as you stand tall and face whatever life throws at you.

9. Social Intelligence

The way you read social cues and connect emotionally with people will influence your relationships. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, you can be friendly, compassionate and kind to your fellow human beings as you exercise social intelligence.

10. Empower Others

Think about all the people you know. You can empower the people in your sphere of influence to embrace their strengths, minimize weaknesses and be who they were created to be. Look for ways you can empower others today.

11. Make Others Smile

Even if you don’t feel like smiling, try it. Don’t you feel better? Now make others smile. You’ll instantly feel energized, and so will they as you spread as many smiles as you can.

12. Spread a Loving Heart

Love is contagious. As you love on others, they’re encouraged to love. Take time to learn how to love yourself, then spread the love around as you serve, appreciate, compliment and praise the people around you.

13. Show Gratitude

By focusing on your blessings, you don’t have time to think about everything you don’t have. Your gratitude will affect your actions and attitude, so you owe it to yourself and others to be grateful and say thank you often!

These examples are just a few of the soul gifts we can give ourselves. If I could give you one thing, it would be a greater understanding of your gifts. They improve your self-awareness and wholeness, and they help you feel beautiful, valued, unique and loved.

So cultivate these soul gifts, girl, and invest in yourself! Know what’s beautiful in you and own it! Doing beautiful is being beautiful. Go do beautiful today!


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