Soul Beauty is beauty that is lovely and last forever

Soul Beauty is beauty that is lovely and last forever

The traits of real beauty, soul beauty, aren’t as easy to define as a set of physical attributes. Rather, true beauty, the kind that radiates from the inside out, is often the culmination of hard work and courage, of boldness in the face of uncertainty, grace in the face of  the impossible.

Beauty that comes from the soul isn’t about being perfect, or even pretty or poised. Instead, this kind of authentic beauty develops over time like a pearl that grows over a bit of grit inside a shell. Beauty is evidence of the courage it takes to be vulnerable and stay present with feelings of loss and heartache. Beauty is the chaos of transformation, as we face the challenges and triumphs of our actual life and let the illusion of calm and contentment fall away. Beauty is more than what you look like; it’s what you do, how you speak, how you love others. Beauty is who you are.

This kind of true beauty doesn’t happen by accident. It grows within every person who has chosen to pursue hope in the face of adversity. It takes strength and softness to cultivate real relationships and laughter, even when the world around us feels like never ending chaos and pain. When we sit with this discomfort, and still choose to love ourselves and those we surround ourselves with, that is when true beauty begins to blossom and shine out into the world.
We can find true beauty in God’s grace, in the acceptance of those we care about, and in ourselves. When we look deep within, and pause to reflect on how far we’ve come, this is when we can start to recognize the true beauty of our soul, and start to share that incredible, divine gift with the larger world.


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