Rustic Tuna Salad with White Beans

pre stirred rustic tunaIMG_8981
Pre-stirred and After adding dressing

I am a firm believer that a little old fashioned canned tuna is good for you! I know, mercury, but everything in moderation my sisters!
6 ounces a week!

I am a fan of the Wild Planet brand.

Here is one of my favorite salads to make!
It reminds me of my Italian heritage and growing up with my Nana making a rustic salad with tuna and some yummy french bread!

1 Can of Tuna in Water (you can use half for yourself if doing a solo lunch, save the other half for the following week)
White Beans (Cannellini or Garbanzo – cancer fighting properties, loaded with fiber and flavonoids and phytochemicals and much more
Radishes (so many benefits – helps in weight loss, lowers blood sugar, treats cancer, controls diabetes, protects kidneys and so much more)
Beets (high in vitamin C, Potassium, Manganese, Vitamin B, and Folate, helps liver kidney immunity muscle function, and more!)
Mixed Greens

Then I make a great Lemon Olive Oil Dressing:
I use a little vegenaise for creaminess but dairy free for me
Olive Oil
Lemon Juice
Chopped Parsley
Seasoning of choice
Balsamic Vinegar (optional)

Mix it up, toss, and eat your way healthy and full. Delizioso!



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