Easy peasy turkey burger and veggies made easy!

Easy organic tasty meal!

Organic ground turkey burger sautéed in avocado oil seasoned with trocomare, Himalayan sea salt, pepper, and some season salt. You can always add a cheese and bun of your liking too! Sometimes I do!

Mushrooms – I use a little organic grass fed kerrygold butter, some grapeseed oil spray, and season with Himalayan sea salt, onion powder and pepper.

Next the Brussels sprouts – I slice in half. I sautéed in a Le Creuset pan with olive oil, seasoning salt, lemon pepper, and again a dash of Himalayan sea salt. Add about three tablespoons of water so it can cook and get a little tender then move the pan under the broiler for five to ten minutes stirring it once half way through so they all get some crunch!

Again, I always choose fresh, organic ingredients. I believe your food should taste good and be enjoyed. 😊

Eat well and healthy and remember life is to be enjoyed and a happy medium mentality creates a happy healthy mind body and spirit!

God bless

xoxo TM

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