Fresh Hummus Salad

Such an easy one! This is a nice diversion from a regular salad!

Just add peas cooked and cooled to room temperature, spiraled cucumber or you can just slice or dice it, raw kale, sauerkraut, avocado sliced and seasoned, and hummus of your choice.

Then for your dressing, either blend olive oil and basil with Himalayan sea salt and pepper in a Vitamix or you can chop the basil, put it in a little bowl, add olive oil and seasoning (sea salt, pepper, and anything else), stir it up, and pour what you like all over that great healthy food!

Don’t skimp on your olive oil! It prevents breast cancer and gall stones, aids in weight loss, reduces heart problems, slows down the aging process (we all love that!), and reduces bad cholesterol levels!

Being Italian, everyone knows I am a huge fan of a good amount of fresh Extra Virgin First Cold Pressed Olive Oil in my diet!


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