Tina Majerle

Tina is a mother of four kids: Madison, McKenzie, Mia and Max. Former model who appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and currently lives in Phoenix Arizona where she is a Life Coach, Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner and Author. Tina is passionate about changing lives and inspiring people to understand their worth. She believes women can cultivate happiness, beauty, power, purpose and connection through sisterhood and intentional living, all starting from within.

On Sisterhood

I would not be here today if it weren’t for my bond with the beautiful, compassionate, intelligent women in my life. I’ve realized that the relationship we have with our “sisters” is one of the most powerful forces in the world. Women hold other women up in times of despair and times of triumph. We encourage each other, we cry with each other, and we nourish each other’s souls in a way no one else can. I love all my sisters, even the ones I haven’t met yet!

On My Website

This is a place where our souls can grow through passions, gratitude, laughter, vulnerability, and the permission to be human and still be loved. I hope what you find here inspires you to discover, grow and share the wonderful soul inside you. My hope is that each time you visit this website, it feels like coming home. Whoever you are Soul Sister, you are always welcome here.




Madison Majerle

Madison currently lives in San Francisco after receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Santa Clara Univeristy. She currently works at Sift Science. Madison strongly believes in empowering others and creating a strong support system for women.


McKenzie Majerle

McKenzie currently attends UC Santa Barbara studying Film and Media and is a member of the Delta Gamma Chapter. McKenzie played on the ITF junior world circuit in tennis and played at UCSB, currently she is working hard toward her future in broadcasting.